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PostSubject: GM   Tue May 15, 2007 10:47 pm

* What Position are you applying for ?

GM 2

* Do you have any Experience ?

2 months experience as GM 1, some familiarity with mangos commands. I have extensive knowledge of the game itself, having played retail for over 2 and a half years, and raiding several times a week for over a year, running every instance and raid in game up to and including Kharazan.

* Why should YOU be chosen ?

In my time as a donator GM, I have been extremely helpful in game to other players, mostly helping people who get bugged/stuck, but also helping enforce server rules, answering questions about general game mechanics / class questions, and referring people to the correct sources when I can't help them myself. I've gotten to know quite a few of the "regular" players on the server, making friends, but still managing to stay neutral in my position and not biased towards some players and not others. I feel I am a fair-minded person, as well as being mature (older than probably 80-90% of players) and having the desire to help out other players. I think I've started to make a decent reputation with my characters / account here, and other players feel like they can rely on me for help, often when noone else will listen to them.

* Why wouldnt you be chosen ?

I don't see any reason I would not be qualified for this position. I believe I am well liked and respected by most of the other people on the server that I have had the opportunity to interact with.

* Are you gonna be good at your job(s)?

Yes. I believe I have already shown to a limited extent (through my limited power/commands) my capability to handle the job in an efficient and fair manner. I have a good amount of patience (definitely a necessity) and more organizational skills than most. I believe I would add a considerable amount of help and assistance to the existing team of GMs and staff.

*Age? - 29

*Time can be on ?- I'm usually on when I'm at home, typically in the mornings between 9 or 10am CST and 1 or 2pm, and after I get home from work from about 8pm until often the wee hours of the morning.

*Job IRL ?- computer programer, computer tech

*Name IRL?- Joe
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